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Lifestyle Workshops

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Improvements for food, fitness and finance by former professional athlete, Carol, and a wellness team.

Health & Fitness for your lifestyle a *360* look

- Fine/Fit Fabulous Food in a Flash
Delicious healthy meals in 20 minutes or less & under 500 calories, that you and your family will love! Group learning experience.

- In Shape Made Simple: 360 Health Experience
Learn how to get into better shape without going to the gym 6 days a week or running 2-3 miles every night. This group learning experience will include an expert who will create a diet just for you based on your needs (and yes you get to eat carbohydrates!); teaching from a holistic chiropractor on Powering up Your Brain; Early Warning Signs from your body; Balance your Nervous System for Optimal Functioning and more.

- Work Benefits that Benefit Your Lifestyle
Unique services that provide vital new benefits for employees and drive bottom line profit for the employer at NO OUT OF POCKET COST to either employee OR employer.

Contact me by phone or direct email Carol Boston, at 954.616.9024 or email me at carol@cbaccelerators.com and I will send details via a separate link.

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