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Carol Boston, a certified coach and CEO, founded CB Accelerators after a long, successful career as a sales executive for Fortune 500 companies. After leading in every area of her professional & academic lives: successful sales executive, professional tennis coach, ranked tennis player and team captain (top 10 record holder at LSU); National Honor Society graduate in college, high school & junior high school (Dean’s List many times) AND among 1% who graduate Ultimate Leadership Camp (a nationally recognized program), Carol recognized imbalances in her life and the lives of many other successful women leaders around her.

Great success at the highest levels had not led to a feeling of wholeness or a satisfied life. She was generally happy, the women leaders around her at times seemed happy but often expressed dissatisfaction in various areas of their lives. They described “missing pieces”. She wondered WHY and embarked on a journey to find those pieces. Read More...

Our Services

We Deliver Customized Laser Focused Coaching through Multiple Methods

Executive Leadership Coaching

Available in a six-month or twelve-month package. Monthly sessions include 4 calls 45-60-minute each, brief telephone touch-base calls in-between sessions, and unlimited email contact.

Sales Professional Coaching

Sales coaching package available in six months increments. Includes 90-minute sessions twice per month and one 30-minute rapid fire question and answer session along with unlimited email contact.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Improvements for food, fitness and finance by former professional athlete, Carol, and a wellness team.
- Health & Fitness for your lifestyle a *360* look
- Work Benefits that Benefit Your Lifestyle

Our Testimonials

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Carol is fantastic! Not only does she know her niche, she also brings great humor, optimism, curiosity for life's variety of paths, and faith to the table. Yes, name your price, and then deliver, heck over-deliver. Carol is an over-deliverer! Strongly recommended for all who need to hear and can handle some clear words.

Manja Herlt

I suggest that you book an appointment with Carol. I spoke to her last week a few hours before I was due to pitch for $7,500 project with partners, one of whom always told me she didn't have any money and I always feel really guilty talking to her about costs. Carol talked me through it and I got the project for the quoted sum! Thanks Carol!

Tracey Burnett

Oh My! I just had a session with Carol...it was so amazing how she was able to help see what has been holding me back from being able to advance to my full potential. She has great knowledge and is very helpful. Thank you Carol, looking forward to continue working with you!

Carmen Roman

Thank you so much Carol for your help today! She truly knows her niche. Her wisdom and natural ability helps you through any anxieties and fears you might have! She helped me realized a few key things holding me back from really moving forward! So thank you again! If you are looking for an amazing coach, contact Carol!

Madhura Joshi

I've just had a session with Carol. I agree all with all the above!!! I found her advice very valuable; insightful; focused; and the content she gave, will truly benefit me. I was humbled by her generosity. thank you Carol!!!

James Briscall


Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching!

A Certified Coach is a coach that has been trained and judged effective by her peers through a rigorous process. A Coach can specialize in specific areas (e.g. a business coach who focuses on your business, a career coach who will coach strictly on career or a relationship coach who focuses exclusively on relationship issues) or be more of a general practitioner often referred to as a Life Coach.

There are coaches who specialize in different areas such as Business, Relationships, Weight-Loss, Sales, Leadership and more. There are also coaches who generalize and are typically called Life Coaches.

While a coach may deal with some of the same issues as a therapist – relationships, confidence, etc. – the approach to these issues is completely different. A therapist approaches an issue by taking you back in time to the source of the problems and how they affect your life. A coach focuses on how to move you forward through an issue by exploring solutions and developing empowering beliefs and action steps, while providing accountability.

A consultant is generally someone who has specific experience in a particular field. Based on that experience, a consultant is hired to look at a situation and offer specific solutions or programs for you. Then, generally, you are on your own to implement the solution. Usually a consultant has a lot of personal experience in a particular industry and is able to give suggestions based on that experience. However, consultants are rarely trained as coaches. These days many people call themselves coaches, but without training in the specific skill set of coaching, they are acting as consultants. A coach is your partner. Together we explore and discover the ways to get you to your goals. Together we decide the actions for this week and together we discover the learning from the last week and use that to move you closer to your goal. A consultant provides answers. A coach offers questions, explores the possible options and discovers the answers with you. A coach is with you on your journey to your goals and dreams. You may go to a consultant to create a program and then hire a coach to support you in implementing that program. Since many consultants are now calling themselves coaches – how do you tell the difference? Do they stay with you through the process? Do they help you to eliminate the blocks that stop you from moving forward? And most importantly, have they been trained and certified as a coach? If the answer is no, that person is a consultant, not a coach.

On average my clients report levels of achievement and satisfaction above 90% after completing a minimum of six months. The results you will experience from coaching will depend greatly on you, on your time and effort, on your commitment, and on your willingness to try new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things. (This does not constitute a guarantee of your results. Individual results will vary.)

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